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Bypass Level Indicators, Plastic, 80 °C, 80 °C, 2″ / 150 lbs , 1/2″ 150 lbs

Código: NBK-17-A50-RP-0-B-A-1500mm
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Código Interno: PRO41839

Bypass Level Indicators, Plastic
Brand: Kobold (Alemania)
Model: NBK-17-A50-RP-0-B-A-1500mm

Bypass- tube PVDF
Max. temperature 80 °C
Max. length 80 °C
[A50]: Connection, ANSI-Flange, 2\" / 150 lbs  
Different measuring lengths, to be specified in words, 1500 mm
[RP]: Roller- indicator, PBT-rollers
Length of roller-indicator, PBT-rollers, 1500 mm
[0]: Transmitter, Without transmitter
[B]: Op. density / Float, Nom. density 1140 kg/m³ Min. density 1070 kg/m³
[A]: Bypass-pipe (bottom), Threaded connection with drain ANSI-flange 1/2\" 150 lbs

Dual-Magnet Float Switch, st. 1.4571, 250 °C, 25 bar, 0,7. kg/dm³, 2 NPT

Código: NGS-21-N-8-Ex
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Código Interno: PRO39867

Dual-Magnet Float Switch
Model: NGS-21-N-8-Ex
Brand: Kobold (Alemania)
Version: Standard, fix hysteresis
Installation from side or from above (with L-arm)
Material (wetted parts) st. st. 1.4571
max. temperature 250 °C
max. pressure 25 bar
min. density, 0,7. kg/dm³
Microswitch SPDT, with 2 switch contacts
Electrical connection M20x1,5
[N]: Process connection, 2 NPT
[8]: Arm length, Lsl = 500 mm,Lsh =(........)
[Ex]: Approval, ATEX- and GL Approval

Standard Switch, 150 °C, 30 bar, 0,6 kg/dm3, 1st N/C, M16 x 1,5

Código: M10-E-8R9-C-S-X-X-0-0
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Código Interno: PRO40842

Standard Switch
Model: M10-E-8R9-C-S-X-X-0-0
Brand: Kobold (Alemania)
Guiding tube, 1.4404
Float material 1.4404
max. temperature 150 °C
max. pressure 30 bar
min. density 0,6 kg/dm3
[8R9]: Connection thread, G2
Connection material PP
Housing material PA
Plug 6-pin
Electrical connection M16 x 1,5
[C]: contact: 1st N/C
[S]: additional contacts, 2nd N/O
[X]: additional contacts, w/o 3rd contact
[X]: Additional contacts, w/o 4th contact
[0]: electr. connection, w/o cable / with housing
[0]: ATEX, without

Interruptor del medidor de flujo de metal (0.1…1 L/min water)

Código: SMV-1201HF0R08Y
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Código Interno: PRO47317

Metal-Flowmeter / Switch
Brand: Kobold (Alemania)
Model: SMV-12-01H-F0-R08-Y

Operating principle variable area
Mounting position vertical
Flow direction from bottom
Body material: St.St.
Seal: FPM
Side mounted indication: ----
Switch point, adjustable
Accuracy ±5 % FS
Max. temperature 100 °C*
Max. pressure 350 bar
[01H] Adjustment range: 0.1...1 L/min water
[F0] Contact ,1 ATEX-N/O 
[R08] Connection G 1/4 female
[Y] Set point preadjusted @ 0.5 l/min increas. flow.

Level switch, 16 bar, 110°C, 0,7 (0,8) kg/dm³, 3.0 m

Código: NV-12-04-R-4
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Código Interno: PRO38624

Level switch
Brand: Kobold (Alemania)
Model: NV-12-04-R4
Housing material: st. steel
max. temperature: 110°C
max. pressure: 16 bar
min. density: 0,7 (0,8) kg/dm³
Contact: N/O or SPDT
PVC-cable: yes
[04]: Float length: 50mm
Med.-Density: >0,7 kg/dm³ 
Connection: M27x1,5
[R]: Contact version: N/O
[4]: Connecting cable: PVC-cable 3.0 m

Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter, 670 mm, 500 cP, 3/4 NPT male, 4-20 mA

Código: NGM-2-230-N5-E4-00(670mm)
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Código Interno: PRO40602

Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter
Model: NGM-2-230-N5-E4-00
Brand: Kobold
Version, Coaxial
Measuring range, 670 mm
Sensor diameter (wire rope for NGM-4), 17.2 mm
min. dielectric Constant, 1,4
max. viscosity, 500 cP
max. temperature with FKM O-ring, -15..+150°C
max. temperature with EPDM O-ring, -40..+130°C
max. pressure, -1 ..+40 bar (with PTFE coating 0..+4 bar)
[230]: Material Probe/O-Ring, st. steel 1.4404/PEEK/EPDM O-ring
[N5]: Connection, 3/4 NPT male
[E4]: Output, 4-20 mA, contakt PNP, ATEX-version
[00]: Option, without
Probe length (to be specified in mm), 670 mm

Conductive Level Limit Switch, G 1 1/2, 3 m, IP 65

Código: NES_DM
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Código Interno: PRO40006

Conductive Level Limit Switch
Model: NES_DM
Brand: Kobold
Number of electrodes, 3
Connection, G 1 1/2
max. length of electrodes, 3 m
Protection, IP 65

*Modelo Demo*

Mini Float Level Switch, 10 bar, 0,6 kg/dm³, 1″ NPT

Código: M01-E1N6CCXX00
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Código Interno: PRO41914

Mini Float Level Switch
Brand: Kobold
Model: M01-E-1N6-C-C-XX-0-0
Guiding tube, 1.4404
Float material, NBR
max. Pressure, 10 bar
min. Density, 0,6 kg/dm³
min. guiding tube length, 46 mm
Switchpoint at L1(min.), 25 mm
Connection thread, 1\" NPT
Connection material PP
Housing material PP
Electrical connection Pg 16 x 1,5
[C] Contact, 1 N/C
[C] Additional contacts, 2nd N/C
[XX] Additional contacts, w/o 3rd contact
[0] Electr. connection, w/o cable / w. housing
[0] ATEX, without

*Data Process
L1= 100 mm
L2=  900 mm
L0= 1000 mm

Non-Contact Radar Level Transmitter, 0,2-18 m, 25 bar (3 bar PP), 1 1/2 NPT

Código: NRM-4A-S-N8P-10-0
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Código Interno: PRO41256

Non-Contact Radar Level Transmitter
Model: NRM-4A-S-N8P-10-0
Brand: Kobold ALEMANIA
Measuring range on liquids 0,2-18 m 
Power supply 20...36 VDC  (Ex: 20-30 VDC), 2-wire
max. temperature  -30...+100 °C   (HT-Version: +180°C)
max. pressure 25 bar (3 bar PP)
min. dielectric constant ?r of medium, 1,9
[S]: Material antenna / housing, 1.4571 / Aluminum (paint coated)
[N8P]: Connection,1 1/2 NPT male, with PP enclosure
[10]: Output/Version/Approval, 4-20 mA, HART ®/ with display / without
[0]: Options, without

Bypass-Level Indicators, 120 °C, PN 16, 1000 mm

Código: NBK-01-R20-RP0-A-1000mm
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Código Interno: PRO41721

Bypass-Level Indicators
Brand: Kobold (Alemania)
Model: NBK-01-R20-RP0-A
Bypass- tube st. st. 1.4301
Float Titanium
Max. temperature 120 °C
Max. pressure on thread PN 16
Max. length 6 m
Protection class roller-indicator IP54
*measuring length, 1000 mm
[R20]: Connection, R 3/4 male
[RP0]: Version, With roller- indicator
[A]: Media density, 0,9..1,18 kg/dm³

Oval Gear Flowmeter

Código: OVZ-30-3-G5-N-I303+ZUB-KAB-12K502
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Código Interno: PRO47310

Oval Gear Flowmeter
Brand: Kobold (Alemania)
Model: OVZ-30-3–G5-N-I303

Operating principle Oval Gear
Mounting position horizontal / vertical
Measuring range by 10-100 mm²/s, 1,6-40 L/min
Max. temperature 80 °C
Accuracy +-2,5% FS
Protection IP 65
[3]: Body material / cover / max. pressure, Aluminium / PMMA / PN 16
[G5]: Connection, G 3/4 
[N]: Seals, NBR
[I303]: Electronic, Hall sensor / round plug M12x1 

Accessories round plug
Brand: Kobold (Alemania)
Model: ZUB-KAB-12K502
[12K502]: Version, M12x1 box 2 m cable, 5-pin

Conductive Level Limit Switch, G 1/2, IP 65, 300 mm, Ipc

Código: NES-R-EA-P-1
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Código Interno: PRO39286

Conductive Level Limit Switch
Model: NES-R-EA-P-1
Brand: Kobold (Alemania)
Number of electrodes, 1
Connection, G 1/2
max. length of electrodes, 3m
Protection, IP 65
[R]: Connection housing, Plastic
[EA]: Material electrode/ coating; st. steel / Polyolefine
Please specify electrode length in writing, 300 mm
[P]: Connecting, Polypropylene (only at EA)
[1]: Number of electrodes, 1 pc