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Sello de Diafragma, 1 a 40 bar, 1/2 npt

Código: DRM625N15DS2
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Código Interno: PRO41980

Diaphragm seals
Brand: Kobold 
Membrane seal with flange
Press. range (bar) min 1, max. 40
Connection, 1/2 NPT m.
Temp. max. 100 °C

Assembling together with Pressure Transmitter
Code: DS2
Filling liquid,
Assembly design, Silicone oil
max. op. temp. °C, -40 to +200
Direct mounting

Sellos de Diafragma, 10 a 40 psi, DN 2 PULG

Código: DRM-639A50P600
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Código Interno: PRO42121

Diaphragm seals
Brand: Kobold (Alemania)
Model: DRM-639A50P600

for direct mounting,
DRM-639/-640 (ANSI)
Diaphragm seal with flange extended diaphragm
extension 50 mm 
special length on requ.
sealed-in membrane 
P1 [psi]: 10,00
P2 [psi]: 40,00
DN/PN: 2\" / 600